Otikon Ear Drops
quickly treats earache in children*

Earache is a common ailment experienced by many children. Three out of four children will experience earache before the age of three*. It is extremely painful, and can be traumatising for both child & parent.

Clinically tested solution to relieve earache*.

Earache is extremely painful! 
The sharp and continuous pain can drive children to tears and is traumatic for both parent and child.

New Otikon Ear Drops has been specially formulated with natural products to reduce earache within 15 minutes after administration*.

Otikon has been clinically tested in internationally studies. These studies have also shown that Otikon is suitable for use in children and the entire family*.

Don’t wait for earache to strike.  

Get your bottle today, Otikon Ear Drops is a home essential, helping prevent unnecessary pain and suffering

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